Learn About Yourself: Self-Assessments

Go to any of these websites to do free tests, quizzes and assessments that will help you figure out your interests, skills, and the kinds of careers that might be a good fit.

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Ontario Prospects

Employment Services & Information for Youth

Services for Youth
What is it: From the Canadian government, it lists lots of information about careers, jobs, education and resources for youth.

New Youth
What is it: An online community for newcomer youth.

Youth Abilities
What is it: A website dedicated to providing valuable online information for young persons with disabilities between the ages of 14-35.

Employment Ontario
What is it: Looking for a job or deciding on a career is challenging in today’s world. It’s not as easy as opening the newspaper or going to a job bank and sending in your resume; there is so much competition! But there are organizations right in your community that can help you learn about accessing the “hidden” job market and teach you about strategizing for success. Contact Employment Ontario to find an organization that can help you with your job search and career decisions.

Career Options Magazine (online)
What is it: Canada’s top publication for graduate studies and employment. Considering graduate school? Want to make the most of your education? Wondering how to successfully transition from school to the workforce? Read this online magazine for opportunities, guidance and tips on these and many other career-related topics.

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