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Peel Halton Insights is a report that provides a perspective and commentary of labour market information (LMI) but with a focus on Peel Halton and what the information means to job seekers and career decisions. These reports are insightful, written in plain language, and are useful to anyone who wants to better understand LMI. The PH Insights report is published the second Tuesday of each month.

Issue #71 – The Unemployed: What Were They Doing Before They Were Unemployed?

Issue #70 – Overqualification – Is It Education or Skills

Issue #69 – Gender Pay Gap: Occupations & Career Choices

Issue #68: Who Earns More? Distribution of Employment Income in Peel and Halton

Issue #67: Employment Rights: Do They Exist For Non-Standard Employment & Independent Contractors?

Issue #66: Employment Ontario Data: What Can We Learn From It?

Issue #65: Youth Unemployment: What Do We Do About It?

Issue #64: The Dynamics of Job Growth and Job Loss Among Firms

Issue #63: Job Vacancy and Wage Survey – Lower Skilled Occupations

Issue #62: Where The Jobs Are & How Employers Recruit For Them

Issue #61: Job Vacancy & Wage Survey: The Details That Can Help With Your Job Search

Issue #60: Job Vacancy & Wage Survey: Results From the First Year of Data Collection

Issue #59: Affordable Day Care: How Much Does It Affect Female Employment Participation Rates?

Issue #58: Workforce Development: What Is It & Why It Matters

Issue #57: Love Your Work? What About Love At Work?

Issue #56: University Degree Holders: Are They Working in Jobs Requiring a University Degree?

Issue #55: High Skills Jobs: Do We Really Have a Skills Shortage?

Issue #54: The Future of Driving and Its Impact on the Labour Market

Issue #53: Annual Labour Market Review: 2015 

Issue #52: Job Vacancy and Wage Survey

Issue #51: Retail Trade: The Largest Single Industry Employer of Halton Residents, Second Largest of Peel Residents

Issue #50: Immigrant Women and the Labour Market‏

Issue $49: Does an Engineering Degree Equal an Engineering Job?

Issue #48: Engineering Occupations in Peel Halton

Issue #47: Earning Another Postsecondary Certificate: Is It Worth It?

Issue #46: Occupations: Does It Make a Difference If You Are Canadian-Born or an Immigrant?

Issue #45: Employment Trends Over the Last Two Years: 2013 – 2015‏

Issue #44: Understanding the Reasons for Employment Increases

Issue #43: Mid-Year Labour Market Review: August 2015

Issue #42: Older Workers: Long-Term Employment and Re-Employment

Issue #41: Why are Employers Taking Longer to Hire?‏

Issue #40: What is Happening with Unions in Ontario?

Issue #39: Technology and Its Impact on Jobs

Issue #38: Youth Unemployment Remains High

Issue #37: Does More Education Equal More Income?

Issue #36:  Occupations in the Non-Profit Sector in Peel and Halton

Issue #35: Working in Non-Profit in Peel and Halton

Issue #34: Why the Walmart Pay Raise in the USA Matters in Canada

Issue #33:Using Labour Marketing Data: How it can help and how it can be frustrating‏

Issue #32: Labour Force Reality Check

Issue #31: The Local Labour Market 2008-2014: Who got hit hard and which 5 industries experienced growth

Issue #30: Cleaning Up: Light Duty Cleaners & Janitors Rank in the Top 15 Jobs and are Worth Understanding‏

Issue #29: Making More Money: 4 Job Characteristics That Affect Your Paycheque

Issue #28: Administrative & Support Services

Issue #27: Food-Related Employment in Peel and Halton Regions

Issue #26: RETAIL SALESPERSON: A growing industry but choose wisely‏

Issue #25: Immigrants & Education: The More Education, the Bigger the Employment Gap

Issue #24: Does Your Education Choice Really Affect Your Employment Outcome?

Issue #23: Part-Time Work & How to Make It Work For You

Issue #22: Job Retention Rates: Is there more stability in the workforce?

Issue #21: Mid-Year Labour Market Update

Issue #20: What are the most common occupations of male residents in Peel Halton?

Issue #19: What are the most common occupations of female residents in Peel Halton?

Issue #18: Language at Work

Issue #17: 28,900 jobs lost in the last month. Is there reason to be concerned?

Issue #16: The Gender Pay Gap

Issue #15: Pay and Gender

Issue #14: Kijiji Labour Market Data and Skills Shortages

Issue #13: Where are the Jobs in Peel and Halton?

Issue #12: Older Workers

Issue #11: The Self-Employed

Issue #10: Long Term Unemployment: Why It’s Happening

Issue #9: The Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Industry in Peel and Halton Regions

Issue #8: Labour Market Outcomes of Newcomers to Canada

Issue #7: How Peel Halton Employers Hire

Issue #6: Changes in Employment and Wages in Ontario

Issue #5: Labour Market Report from TD Economics

Issue #4: The Supply Chain Sector in Peel and Halton Regions

Issue #3: The Health Care Industry in Peel and Halton Regions

Issue #2: Who are unemployed in Peel and Halton?

Issue #1: Where do your neighbours work?

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