If you want to find jobs that are not advertised and avoid the competition for a job, you have to stop looking for job postings and start finding companies where you want to work. Using the resources in this section, you can create your own customized business directory of where you want to work. Then you can begin to research each company and get ready to contact them. That’s right; you have to contact the company directly, whether you know there is a job available or not. This strategy is called the hidden job market.

Once you have your own customized business directory, you can:

  • Cold call the company
  • Submit your resume and cover letter
  • Follow them on social media
  • Search social media if anyone you know is connected to someone from this company
  • Ask family and friends if they know anyone at one of these companies for an introduction
  • Search for press releases and other business announcements for this company or industry




Greater Toronto’s Top Employers (2014)

Industry Canada Business Search

Libraries & Employment Resource Centres

For more extensive business searches, free of charge, visit your local library or employment resource centre. They often have free, online access.

  • For a list of libraries near you, click here.
  • To find an employment resource centre near you, search Employment Ontario or call toll free at 1-800-387-5656.
  • For additional online resources, click here.

Learn more about cold calling


If you know you want to work in Peel Halton, it’s important to be sure there are enough businesses in your industry and occupation to find a job and grow your career. As much as you want to work in Peel Halton, there is no sense searching for a job in an industry that doesn’t exist. You can use business directories to help you better understand the labour market in Peel Halton and to help you decide on a career in this region. Below are some strategies.


Ask yourself

Make a list of businesses that fit your industry or occupation or geographical boundaries where you want to work.
  • Are there enough businesses in the city/cities where I want to work?
  • Are the sizes of the company large enough that there is regular hiring?
  • Can I grow my career with these sizes of companies?
Find the names of people who have the authority to hire.
  • Try to get an information interview with someone in the company. Learn more here.
  • Search for these people on Twitter or LinkedIn. Connect with them. Learn more here.
Search the career page of the company website.
  • Does the company have a careers page on their website?
  • Are there any current job opportunities?
  • Are past job postings listed? Can these past jobs tell me anything about demand for my occupation?

Peel Halton Businesses in the News!

  • For Peel Halton Businesses in the News, visit our News page.
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