This is one of the most underused strategies to find jobs and labour market information; yet, the results can be phenomenal. If you keep an eye on what’s happening to businesses in Peel Halton, long before they advertise for a job (if they ever decide to advertise) you will be ahead of everyone else. Stop to read stories about businesses that are opening, closing, developing a new product, expanding, or for any other reason. If the topic or company interests you, take the next step to do some research about the industry or companies listed in the article. If people’s names are mentioned, look them up on social media. The information you find can be used to target your job search, to prepare for a cold call, or even prepare for a job interview.

Use the information you find to:

  • Research a company’s careers page for any job opportunities
  • Apply for a job
  • Call the company to ask for an information interview
  • Follow the company on Twitter or Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Add the information to your research to decide on a career
  • Pass the information on to a friend

Finding Business Headlines and Articles

Learn more about the different strategies to find business headlines, with examples, and how to use them to find labour market information and jobs.

  • Newspapers & Press Releases
  • Government Investments
  • Economic Development Newsletters
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