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Trends & Future Outlook

Regional Reports

This section lists a variety of reports based on research, statistics and where experts believe the jobs will be in the future. Some of the reports can be very long (50+ pages) and sometimes complicated and very statistical. If this kind of reading isn’t for you, focus on the “recommendations” or “executive summary” sections of each report to find out quickly the main points of the report.

“Labour Market Research for Peel Immigration Web Portal” (Social Planning Council of Peel)

“Halton Workforce Development Partnership Project” (2010)
Future Force Halton

City of Toronto Publications
Toronto Workforce Innovation Group
Occupational & Industry Forecasts & Data

Provincial Reports / LMI Websites

“Where are job trends headed in the future?”
Ontario Job Futures. Provides information on the current trends and future outlook for 190 occupations common to Ontario.
Ontario’s Workforce Shortage Coalition. A coalition of business, education and labour leaders concerned about the province’s skills shortage. Read various reports about which industries/occupations they predict there will be a skills shortage in Ontario.
Workforce Planning Ontario
“Ontario’s Looming Labour Shortage Challenges” (2007), The Conference Board of Canada
“Employers & Job Seekers Activity Report” (apprenticesearch.com)
Emerging Occupations and Industries
A looming skills gap threatens Ontario’s Future (Conference Board of Canada)
​Top 20 occupations employers expect to have difficulty filling (Sept. 2013)
Watch for situations that can change trends!
Oil prices. Weather. New technology. These are just a few reasons why a prediction or trend can change.

Example: For many years in Canada, manufacturing jobs have been in decline as companies produce their products in other countries where labour costs are cheaper. But as the price of oil continues to go up, manufacturers may decide to produce their products closer to home, thereby changing the trend.
Manpower Employment Outlook Survey
What is it: Quarterly report of the employment outlook (employers who anticipate hiring).
How you can use it: Learn which industries employers expect to hire or decrease staff, or remain the same.

World Future Society
What is it: A neutral clearinghouse of ideas on the future. Their mission is to enable thinkers, political personalities, scientists and others to share an informed, serious dialogue on what the future will be like.
How you can use it: Read about what experts in the field are predicting about the direction of science, technology, natural resources and much more. Read it for fun or use this information as part of your overall research when deciding what career/industry to choose.​

What does it all mean?
When reading reports and statistical information about jobs and the economy, there may be many new words to you. Statistics Canada has put together a list of the most common words and definitions used in labour market research. Click Here for the List.

Articles you need to read!
Canada’s Best Jobs 2013

Canada’s Best/Worst Jobs (April 2012)

“Employers optimistic about hiring in 3rd quarter: Survey” (June 2012)

“Health care, IT and skilled trades are the Canadian jobs of the future” (January 2012)

If you’re willing to move to Alberta, there are lots of jobs!
Read: “Stuck in place: Canada’s mobility problem” (June 2012)

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