Every city or town across Ontario will have their own Economic Development Office (EDO) that provides information and assistance to anyone interested in starting or buying a business or wants to know about possible business opportunities. Each office also has its own newsletter to let you know the latest stories and information about what is happening in the local business community. Just like your local newspaper, these newsletters and reports can help you find out about new businesses that are opening or expanding in your community; you can then contact these companies before they start advertising for employees. This is a great way to uncover the hidden job market!

Below is an example of a quarterly newsletter from a local economic development office. If we didn’t stop to read it, we would not know about the many large companies moving to this city; and if we don’t know about what’s happening in the labour market, we won’t know about job opportunities. The two go hand in hand!

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Finding Economic Development Newsletters

Caledon: The Business Report | Brampton: BramFacts Newsletter | Mississauga: Quarterly Business Newsletter 

Oakville: Economic Development News | Burlington Economic Development Office | Halton Hills: Quarterly Report | Milton: This Way Up

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