Knowing the education and training requirements for a job is a part of understanding the labour market. Peel Halton has many choices for education, training and upgrading and we have listed the key sources below. To search for more education and training programs, visit Canlearn.ca or Schoolfinder.com

Education & Training in Peel Halton

 Private Colleges & Training

Academic Upgrading

Getting your Grade 12

Option 1: OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma)

School boards provide opportunities for adults to return to school and complete their OSSD and/or to complete specific credit courses required for entry into postsecondary institutions or apprenticeship programs.

Option 2: GED (General Educational Development)

GED allows people who have not finished high school the opportunity to demonstrate high school academic knowledge and skills. Successful GED candidates earn the Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate.

  • For more information, visit the GED website.
  • To find a GED preparation program, search using the Employment Ontario website.
  • Or call Employment Ontario at 416-325-2929 or toll-free at 1-800-387-5514. For TTY hearing impaired, call 416-325-3408 or toll-free at 1-800-268-7095.
  • Or search the Ontario Colleges website.

Option 3: ACE (Academic and Career Entrance)

The ACE program is a college certificate recognized as equivalent to a Grade 12 OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) for admission to college; so instead of getting your Grade 12 OSSD, you would get an ACE certificate in order to go to college.

  • ACE programs are offered at Ontario colleges. To find a program closest to you, visit Ontario Colleges.

Academic Upgrading

Academic upgrading is free programming to help you upgrade your academic skills (math, reading, writing, etc.)

Option 1: School Boards / Adult Secondary School Programs

If you want to improve a grade in one of your high school credits, or you need to get a credit in a specific subject for the skilled trade in which you are interested, contact your local school board to find credit courses.

Option 2: Literacy & Basic Skills Programs (LBS)

Literacy and basic skills programs are offered by community organizations and colleges. They offer a variety of programs to improve your reading, writing, math, and basic work skills; or you want to prepare for a credit course or college program; or you want to take a preparation course for the GED. All of these programs are free and can help you succeed with your academic needs.

  • For a list of Literacy Networks throughout Peel Halton, click here.
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