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What to Expect from your Local Employment Centre

Whether you want help finding a job, deciding on a new career, training, or starting a business, employment centres located right here in Peel Halton can help. These are non-profit organizations that receive government funding to assist the public with all of their employment and job search needs; and all services are free of charge. Some organizations help all job seekers while others are experts in assisting youth, immigrants, or people with disabilities.

This tip sheet provides you with the basics of using an employment centre and what you can expect when you visit them.

Intake & Assessment

It’s best to phone your local employment centre, before going in, to make sure you are eligible to use their services, to know what documents to bring, and in some cases, to set up an appointment. Not all employment services are “walk-in” or they may be very busy. Most employment centres will ask you to fill out documents to determine your eligibility to use their services and they will also ask for personal information they must collect. This might include your citizenship status, date of birth, social insurance number, etc. Of course, they also want to know your past work experience, education, and your plans for the future so they can determine how they might be able to help you. This is all part of a standard intake and assessment procedure. To make things easier, bring your identification and your most current resume to your appointment.

Action Plan

You will meet one-on-one with an Employment Adviser who will ask about your skills, abilities, and needs. This is the time to share any challenges you are having with your job search, your goals, and any other barriers you think are hurting your chances of getting a job. Together, you will create an action plan to help you reach your goals.

Individual Assistance

Employment Advisors can also help you with developing a strategic resume, cover letter, provide ‘how to’ advice about job searching, and provide you with any information you may need for your action plan. They can share information about the local job market, job opportunities, job fairs, education and training options, and much more. Individual assistance also gives you a chance to share any challenges you might be having in a private, confidential setting.

Job Placement

In some cases, employment centres also offer paid job placements. Employment Advisors (or in some cases called “Job Developers”) locate companies that are a fit for your skills, experience and interests in order to ‘place’ you in a job, usually for a set period of time. Job placements are very popular and useful for job seekers with unique challenges, such as youth or people with disabilities, but some employment centres offer placement to a wide variety of job seekers. Companies often receive a wage subsidy as an incentive to hire.

Workshops & Events

Most employment centres have group workshops facilitated by knowledgeable staff. Workshops may be about resume writing, interviewing, career exploration (deciding on a career), job search strategies, how to use social media, and much more. Employment events might include information sessions for specific careers or industries, job fairs, education and training, and more.


Don’t be surprised to get a phone call or email from your Employment Advisor or someone else from the employment centre. It is part of their mandate to collect statistics and results for their government funder. But it’s also a chance for them to check in on you, provide more assistance if you need it, and to continue to motivate you on your employment journey. Take a moment to reply or to fill out a survey, if asked; everyone likes to know how people are doing after they’ve provided assistance.

Computers & Resources

Many employment centres also have their own Employment Resource Centre where you can access, free of charge, computers, internet, printer, scanner, photocopier, fax, company directories, daily newspapers, tip sheets, and much more. Usually resource centres have staff to assist you locate what you need, but some of these centres are self-serve, with limited assistance.

Employment Centres in Peel Halton

Now that you know the basics of employment centres, why not take advantage of these free resources in Peel Halton? Job searching and deciding on a career is not easy in today’s market and there’s no reason you have to do it all alone!

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