We have more choices than ever before in terms of the kind of career we can have. But lots of choice can also lead to confusion about knowing the right direction. Before you invest your time, money and energy in a career, be sure to conduct lots of research to determine if your occupation will be in demand in the future and if there will be jobs in the cities where you want to live. This section lists a variety of reports based on research, statistics and where experts believe the jobs will be in the future. Some of the reports can be very long (50+ pages) and sometimes complicated and very statistical. If this kind of reading isn’t for you, focus on the “recommendations” or “executive summary” sections of each report to quickly find the main points of the report. And don’t be too concerned about reports that are a few years old; trends take some time to see and unless something changes in the marketplace, these trends and predictions are long-term.


A trend is a general direction about something developing or changing. Trends are usually long-term, not simply something popular or in the moment, which might be called a “fad”.

  • As the population ages, the predicted trend is older people will need more healthcare.
  • T-shirts with pictures of a singer are popular for about one year. This is a fad.

Forecasts & Reports for Peel Halton & GTA

Peel Halton



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Finding Employment Trends & Forecasts

Use any of the following sources to search for trends, forecasts and reports about different industries and demand for occupations.

  • Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS): Search tool to quickly find the forecasted information about labour demand and supply of 140 occupations in Canada.
  • Manpower Employment Outlook Survey: Each quarter, the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey measures hiring confidence among employers.
  • Ontario Labour Market Information: Insights into labour market conditions and trends in Ontario, as well as in specific regions or communities in the province.
  • Working in Canada: Ability to search for occupation by region across Canada including demand, wages and more.
  • Ontario’s Workforce Shortage Coalition: A coalition of business, education and labour leaders concerned about the province’s skills shortage. Read a variety of reports about which industries they believe are in need of workers.
  • Adzuna: Adzuna is a search engine for classified ads that gives an overview of labour market trends across the Canada.
  • Global Migrants: An interactive tool illustrates which professions are in demand in which country.

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In the News

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Why keep information and articles from years ago? It’s only with time that we can see patterns and trends that can help you make better, long-lasting career decisions.

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