The Ontario and Canadian governments often invest directly into companies in order to stimulate the local economy and a particular industry. Many of these investments result in new jobs. If you see a government investment announcement in an industry or geographical area you are interested in, click on the announcement and read more.

  • Look for company names and research them. Are there any job postings on their careers page?
  • Does the announcement mention jobs will be created?
  • Can you contact someone/the company before jobs are advertised?
  • Are there any names listed in the announcement of people to contact to get more information?

Make a commitment to read these announcements and go in with the attitude that you never know what you will find unless you try! To stay current with government investment announcements follow them on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or sign-up for their newsletters and press releases. 

Below is a real-life example of how we searched for announcements about government investments to find jobs before anyone else!

Step 1: We saw an announcement by the Canadian government about the Canada-Korea free trade agreement. Always interested in keeping up with labour market information, we clicked on the announcement to read more.

Source: Government of Canada.

Step 2: The announcement mentioned the name of a company (Baylis Medical Company) located in Peel Halton. We went to the company’s website and searched for jobs in the Peel Halton region; and are we ever glad we did!

Step 3: We reviewed the 9 job opportunities at this company! (March 19, 2014)

Finding Government Investment Announcements

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