Imagine a company posts a job on one of the many popular online job banks. It looks like a great job and you apply. The problem is, thousands of other pairs of eyes have also seen that job and applied. Your chances are shrinking. Then a computer might review your resume, not a human being; so if you don’t have the right key words, your chances are now even smaller. Let’s face it; job banks are easy to use but difficult to find success. So, does that mean don’t use them? No. It means don’t use them as your only job search strategy. Incorporate job banks into a highly diverse, strategic job search plan.

Job Banks for Peel Halton

Halton Jobs | Local Work | Vicinity Jobs | Your Job Board (Burlington)

Employment Services Job Banks
There are services, free of charge, throughout Peel Halton that can help you with your job search. Some of these organizations post jobs on their own job bank that are open to the public and attendance to their programs is not required.

Job Banks for Government Jobs

Job Matching Websites

A website to help connect apprentices and employers across Ontario.

Who Plus You
Login and develop a profile with your skills and experience. The system matches you to one of thousands of career opportunities posted. 

Career Edge
Paid internship program for recent graduates (within 3 years) from a Canadian college or university.

The job board for skilled trades.

Popular Job Banks

Canada Job Bank | Eluta | Indeed | Monster | Workopolis | Charity Village | Simply Hired | Career Builder


You probably never thought that a job bank can provide you with labour market information; it’s only to search for a job, right? Not a chance! A job bank can be a wealth of information as you decide on a career and to better understand the labour market for a particular occupation or industry where you live.

Here’s how to use job banks to find labour market information.

Step 1: Go to one of our listed job banks or any job bank you like.

Step 2: Search for your occupation and make a list of all the companies, positions, titles, salaries, etc. you find. Search in different cities close to where you live or are willing to work.

Company #1 ABC Company
Location Oakville
Job Title Millwright
Duties Fabricate frames, platforms and other structural components by utilizing Mig, Tig and Arc welding equipment.Improve hydraulic circuits and systems with regards to stoppage of leaks, cleanliness of hydraulic oil, replacement of untidy pipes and hoses, etc.Inform Maintenance Supervisor of any changes made to the design of existing production equipment to ensure hydraulic, mechanic and pneumatic circuit diagrams are updated.


Step 3: Analyze the information you collect.

  • Are there many job postings?
  • What job titles are most often used?
  • Who mostly posts jobs; companies or recruiters?
  • In what cities are most of these jobs?
  • What vocabulary is most often used for this occupation or industry?
  • What skills, experience and education is most often required?

Step 4: Use this information!

  • Are you using this same vocabulary on your resume?
  • Are you stuck on one job title or should you expand how you see yourself?
  • Are you stuck on one industry or should you work in a variety of industries?
  • Do you have the skills, experience and education required for these jobs?
  • Have you created your own personal company list and called them for an information interview?

And Remember!
Occupations not posted online do not mean there are no jobs. It may mean they are not posted online! (And you have to focus on the hidden job market).

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