Career & Job Search Assistance

For Job Seekers: Find an agency located in your community that can help you with your job search and career decision making. Get help with your resume, learn about networking, attend workshops, job fairs, and so much more. All services are free of charge.

For Businesses: Employment-Ontario funded agencies can assist employers by connecting you with highly qualified professionals. Many of these agencies will be able to advertise your jobs, pre-screen candidates according to your needs, provide paid or unpaid work placements, and much more. All services are free of charge.

Employment Centres in Peel Halton

To find more employment centres and job search services across Ontario, visit Employment Ontario or call them at 1-800-387-5656.

Newcomers & Internationally-Trained Professionals

Job Search Assistance in Peel | Immigration Peel | Newcomer Information Centre

Job Search Assistance in Halton Welcome to Halton | Newcomer Information Centre

Other Programs/Services for Newcomers

Job Seekers with Disabilities

  • Assistance in PeelAssistance in Halton
  • Employment for People with Disabilities (Service Canada): A Canadian government website that lists a variety of services, funding opportunities and information about job searching for people with disabilities.
  • WORKink Ontario: Register for this website and you can log in to post your resume, look through job postings, check out the links database and find out about upcoming events.
  • Career Edge: A free service offering qualified graduates with disabilities access to meaningful, paid internship work opportunities within supportive and professional work environments.
  • Ableworks: A website for employers to hire people with disabilities. If you live in Hamilton, Niagara or the Haldimand/Norfolk/Brant area, contact one of the agencies listed on the site (“About Us” section) for more information.
  • Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work

Mental Health At Work

Older Workers 


  • Job Search Services in Peel | Job Search Services in Halton
  • Career Edge: Access to meaningful, paid internship work opportunities.
  • Mississauga Youth Movement: Listings of events, job fairs, volunteer opportunities and much more for youth living in Mississauga. Get involved in a variety of activities to gain experience, build skills and meet people that can help with your career choices and job search.
  • Ontario Youth Employment Fund: If you are unemployed, not in school full-time and between 15 and 29 years old, the Ontario government will help you connect with employers and get a job placement of four to six months. The government will provide incentives to employers to help cover the cost of wages and training for new hires and help youth cover costs like transportation or tools required for the job.
  • Youth Connect: A website for youth to learn about finding a job, staying healthy, getting help with school, and so much more.
  • Youth Job Connection: Are you age 15 to 29 and not in work or school? Get paid training and a job placement with this program.


  • Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Helping Canadian Veterans transfer their distinctive capabilities and the valuable skills they learned in the military to rewarding civilian careers.
  • Information for Employers Hiring Veterans: To make job opportunities available to Veterans or to get more information about hiring veterans.
  • Career Transitions Services: Veterans and survivors can get help finding civilian employment through the Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Career Transition Services (CTS) Program. VAC will reimburse eligible Veterans and survivors for these services, up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000 (including taxes)
  • Helmets to Hardhats: The program offers apprenticeship opportunities for anyone who has served (or is currently serving and transitioning to a civilian career) in either the Regular or Reserve Force of the Canadian Forces.
  • Military Employment Transition Program (MET): An initiative developed to assist Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Members, Reservists and Veterans who are seeking to find jobs in the civilian workforce. The program serves as a bridge between the CAF and Canada Company’s “Military Friendly Employer Partners”.
  • Veterans Transition Network: In 3 weekends spread over 2 months, participants in each program spend 100 hours living with and helping each other identify and remove potential barriers that hinder transition.
  • Canada Company: A charitable, non-partisan organization that serves to build the bridge between business and community leaders and the Canadian Military. The goal is to ensure men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces receive the widest support, care and recognition they deserve.

Volunteer in Peel Halton

Are you having trouble finding a job? Or do you want to give back to your community? Maybe you want to practice a skill or learn something new? Consider volunteering!  You will feel great about yourself, learn new skills, meet new people (great to network for a job), add valuable information to your resume, and help your community all at the same time! Remember, labour market information is everywhere around us; you just have to be willing to get out there to meet people and find the opportunities.

To learn more about how to use labour market information for your job search or to make a career decision, go to the Who’s Hiring section of this site.

If you’re a career practitioner, go to Career Practitioners for resources.

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