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Business Activity

If you want to access the “hidden job market” (learning about opportunities before employers post jobs) then it is very important to find and follow labour market news, announcements and events. Most job seekers would never think to look at bids and tenders posted by the city or read about investment announcements made by the government. But this is exactly the kind of labour market information that is needed so that you can contact employers long before they advertise job postings, if they decided to advertise at all!

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Working in Canada
What is it: A listing of local and regional labour market events and announcements throughout Ontario.
How to use it: Read about a variety of announcements from businesses. This listing includes announcements of job creation, layoffs, expansions and events.

Labour Market Monitors (Click “Toronto” which includes Peel/Halton regions)
Read about businesses that have announced growth or are closing.

The Daily
This daily report is full of statistics and can be complicated to read! But if you focus on some key topics, such as which industries need workers (“job vacancies”), you can learn a lot about “where the jobs are!”


Business Growth & Investments
Why wait for companies to advertise jobs (and many will never advertise) and be in competition with hundreds of other people? Instead, use the websites listed in this section to stay up-to-date with business announcements about future growth and investments.

Economic Development Departments
What is it: Every city across Canada will have their own Economic Development Department that provides information and assistance to anyone interested in starting or buying a business or wants to know about possible business opportunities. Each office also has its own newsletter to let you know the latest stories and information about what is happening in the local business community.
How you can use it: Just like your local newspaper, find out about any new businesses that are opening or expanding in your community and contact them before they start advertising for employees; this is a great way to uncover the hidden job market!

Peel Region
Caledon: Business Report
Caledon: Business News

Halton Region
Halton Hills

Take Action!
Look for business activity in the cities where you want to work.

Click on any one of the economic development reports/sites listed in this section.
Scan the headlines for ALL businesses that are growing or moving to the area. The industry does not matter at this point. Make a list of these businesses.
For each business you list, go to the company website and research if your occupation exists at that company.
Example: In May 2012, the City of Brampton announced Wild Water Kingdom (a salt water park) got bigger. At first glance, you may think that’s a great place to bring the family for a visit, but what about job opportunities? An employer like this would need administrative staff, maintenance, accountants, sales staff, summer staff, etc. You have to look at all business activity as a possible job opportunity!
Look at all business activity as a possible job opportunity!
Invest in Ontario
What is it: Publicly announced business investments in Ontario.
How you can use it: If you regularly visit this site, you would have known that 25 new jobs were created in Caledon, Ontario from just one business. This is exactly the kind of information you can learn about when using this “Invest in Ontario” website. Search by industry or company and find out which companies made public announcements about investing in the Ontario economy. It even lists how many jobs the company will create as a result of the investment!

“Invest in Ontario”
This company will create 80 new jobs in Cambridge, Ontario! When you use this site, be sure to look at the “publication date” since some of the announcements are from years ago!

How do employers recruit candidates?
In a 2010 report (Halton Workforce Development Partnership Project) the primary method used by 79% of respondents to find potential candidates was through word-of-mouth or personal contacts. Here is the entire list of how employers recruit, according to this survey.

Word-of-mouth/personal contacts (79%)

Job posting websites (65%)

Newspaper/media postings (62%)

Public education institutions (47%)

Employment agencies and consultants (44%)

Government employment programs (31%)

Industry/trade associations (30%)

Job fairs (25%).

Are you ignoring some of these methods in your own job search?

Source: http://www.haltonjobs.ca/userfiles/file/Halton%20Workforce%202010.pdf (page 17)

Bids & Tenders
What is it: Lists of bids by municipalities that need project work done. In most cases, these lists provide the names of the companies that submitted bids as well as the names of companies that were awarded the project.
How you can use it: Instantly find out which companies in your city were awarded new business! Find the product/service that is related to your occupation and look up the list of companies. You have an instant company list in which to target your job search.

Peel Region

Halton Region
Halton Hills

FedDev Ontario
What is it: A list of grants given by the Canadian government to businesses and organizations throughout Canada.
How to use it: Take a look at what businesses got funding from the government and for what purpose. Were jobs created? Is the funding something related to your industry or occupation? If you find information that looks connected to your occupation, contact the business directly and try to talk with someone about how you might be able to help.

What is it: A website with news releases about investments, stocks, and business.
How to use it: Normally this kind of information is for investors, but if you look for news releases about companies whose stocks have increased or are announcing “dividend” payments to their investors, these two types of announcements can mean the company is doing well. And if the company is doing well, maybe there are jobs available, too.

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