Networking is talking (by phone, in-person) to anyone and everyone you know to learn more about job opportunities and career decisions. For job search, many jobs are not posted on online job banks, and sometimes they are not even posted on a company’s own website! Lots of employers prefer to hire someone through a referral by someone they trust. But even if a job is advertised, isn’t it better to know someone in the company who might be able to help or recommend you?

Networking is also great if you are looking for labour market information to better understand an industry, an occupation, future trends, and making a career decision. The more people you know in the industry or occupation you are interested in, the more people you can talk to help you decide.

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Professional Associations

Contact or join the association for your occupation or industry. Attend meetings and events to network with people in your field. Many associations have job boards for members. Find out if your association is on Twitter, Facebook or has a regular blog. Sign up and follow them online to learn about opportunities in your field. Search for a professional association from anyone of these lists. Or, you can do a Google search for your occupation, industry and city.

Canadian Associations and Affiliates | Directory of Business and Trade Associations/Organizations | Toronto-area Associations

Networking Groups in Peel Halton

Search for more networking groups on Google; type in your city, occupation or industry and the words “networking group” and see what comes up. Below are a few we found online, located in Peel Halton.

Chambers of Commerce / Boards of Trade

Networking Groups in Peel

Networking Groups in Halton

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