Imagine this typical scenario: you are the owner of a business and you need to hire someone for a good-paying job. You place an ad on a popular online job bank and you get hundreds of resumes. You start going through them, one by one, with the little time you have. There are a lot of resumes from people who don’t even have the experience, skills or education for the position and you get frustrated quickly and give up ever putting a job posting online ever again. You don’t have time to go through hundreds of resumes!

Now imagine you are the job seeker. You submit your resume in response to an advertised job, not knowing that you are one of hundreds of resumes. Did you know that there is a chance no one will read your resume? How is it possible for a busy professional to read hundreds of resumes for one position?

The answer to avoiding all of this is networking for a job, either in-person or virtually using social media.

To learn more about each method of networking and networking groups in Peel Halton, click on each link.


In a 2010 report, the primary method used by 79% of respondents to find potential candidates was through word-of-mouth or personal contacts. Here is the entire list of how employers recruit, according to this survey.

  • Word-of-mouth/personal contacts (79%)
  • Job posting websites (65%)
  • Newspaper/media postings (62%)
  • Public education institutions (47%)
  • Employment agencies and consultants (44%)
  • Government employment programs (31%)
  • Industry/trade associations (30%)
  • Job fairs (25%)

Are you ignoring some of these methods in your own job search?

Source: HaltonJobs.ca http://www.haltonjobs.ca/userfiles/file/Halton%20Workforce%202010.pdf (page 17)

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