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Using Social Media to Find Labour Market Information
The most successful way to find a job is by networking. This has been true for a very long time, and yet so many people still focus on advertised jobs on the internet. There is nothing wrong with looking for advertised jobs, but a successful job search will include all methods to find a job, and that includes networking. This section teaches you how to use the most popular social media sites on the web for your job search and career decision-making.

“Taking a look at Facebook”

“Using Twitter to enhance your job search”
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“Are you LinkedIn?”
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RSS Feeds
“How to feed your job search”

Social Media & Employers
“Your Future Employer Is Watching You Online. You Should Be, Too”
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Blogs, Listservs and Newsgroups
What is it: Blogs, Listservs and Newsgroups can be useful information sources if you focus on business, career or work search interests. You may be able to use them to find job leads and network contacts. Read about how to find and use them.

Social Media Strategies to Find a Job

Follow/connect with employers where you’d like to work.
Locate people you may know (or your friends know) to get information and referrals.
Research the company before you connect with them or for a job interview.
Mention your own job search; update your resume; let people know you are looking!
Ask (former) colleagues to recommend you on your LinkedIn account.
Follow industry experts and learn what’s happening in your field.
Make sure your own profile/brand on these sites is professional! Employers and recruiters are looking at you, too!
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