Don’t bother spending too much time looking for jobs in the newspapers. Fewer companies are using newspapers to recruit candidates; but newspapers and press releases are great ways for you to find companies! Below is a real-life example of how we searched for business headlines and articles to find jobs before anyone else!

Step 1: We saw an article about coffee in the Mississauga/Brampton Business Times, and since that’s a favourite topic for many of us, we decided to stop and read about it. The article mentioned a few company names (and contact people) located in Peel Halton so we decided to do some research.

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Step 2: The article mentioned the company “Mother Parker’s” located in Mississauga. We took the time to look at the Mother Parker’s careers page and are we happy we did; we easily found 8 job postings! (February 3, 2014).


Brampton Guardian (Business Section) | Business Times (Mississauga/Brampton) | Caledon Citizen | Caledon Enterprise | Mississauga News (Business Section)

Inside Halton: Burlington | Inside Halton: Milton | Inside Halton: Oakville | The Independent & Free Press (Georgetown)

GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
Toronto Star- Business Section | Toronto Sun- Money Section | Hamilton Spectator- Business Section | Hamilton Business

Canada-Wide Business Newspapers
Globe & Mail Report on Business | Financial Post | CBC News Business

Ultimate List of Canadian Newspapers
To find more newspapers across Canada or by province, click here


Working in Canada: Job Market Trends & News 
This is great source for business headlines and articles from Canada’s Job Bank. You can narrow your search of business news to all of Ontario, to specific regions, and by industries.  Below is an example of the kinds of headlines and articles you will find each week on this site.

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Search for press releases by location, date or key word. You can find lots of interesting information including job opportunities if you search using keywords such as “hiring” or “opening”. But don’t limit yourself only to those types of press releases. Look at any interesting press release like we did with the example below.

Take a look at this press release found on the Newswire website, February 26, 2014.


Let’s be honest. Would you have stopped to read about this press release if you were looking for a job? Are you curious enough to take a quick look and see which company is behind this press release? Job seekers who are serious about understanding and using labour market information to their advantage would be well-rewarded for taking the time to research this company; they had a very good paying job opportunity in Brampton!

The MarketWired website has news releases about investments, stocks, and business. Normally pretty boring information unless you are an investor, but if you look for news releases about companies whose stocks have increased or are announcing “dividend” payments to their investors, these two types of announcements could mean the company is doing well. And if the company is doing well, maybe there are jobs available, too.

Here’s a real-life example of how we used this website for job search on January 22, 2014; and we found it on the first try!

Step 1: We saw this announcement on the Market Wired website, and since EnerCare is located in Toronto, we decided to continue with our research.


Step 2: We visited EnerCare’s careers page on their website.

Step 3: We happily reviewed the 8 job postings listed that we would otherwise know nothing about if we didn’t use LMI for our job search.

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