Recruiters give themselves lots of different job titles such as “head hunter”, “staffing agency”, “executive search firm”, and more. But they all work the same way; recruiters do not work for the job seeker and they won’t find you a job. Rather, they find candidates for companies and who are a “fit” for the job and company culture. A recruiter can be an important addition to your overall job search, but you have to know how to work with them. To learn more about recruiters and job seekers, click here.

Recruiters across Ontario

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Search for Recruiters

Google Search

  • Go to Google and type “recruiters” + [your city] + [your occupation]
  • Example: recruiters + Mississauga + accountant
  • What did you find? Make a list of recruiters to contact.

LinkedIn Search

  • Search for “recruiters” in your city and/or industry
  • Search for message boards and groups
  • To learn how to use LinkedIn, click here.


You could try to call a recruiter and ask for free advice about your career but you may not get very far. Recruiters are very busy trying to find and place candidates for their employer clients; they are not career counsellors. However, there are a few ways you can use recruiters for labour market research and deciding on a career.

  • Find top recruiters in your industry or occupation; they not only recruit for companies, but they are leaders in their field and often conduct research and share valuable reports. Two good examples are: Manpower Canada and Robert Half Canada
  • Follow recruiters on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn about your industry and to be a part of the conversation; it’s easier to ask a question on social media!
  • Take a look at a recruiter’s online job postings and analyze the positions to gather information about the occupation in which you are interested. To learn more how to do this, go to Job Banks.
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