What is labour market information (LMI)?

  • In simple terms, LMI is knowing if there are jobs in the city or town where you want to work. The unemployment rate for Canada is irrelevant to someone looking for a job in Oakville!
  • LMI can help you answer a variety of questions, such as: Are there jobs? What are the salaries? How many companies are located in this city? What are the key industries? What is the unemployment rate? What education and training do I need for this job? What is the demand, if any? What industries are growing? And so much more.
  • Without LMI, you are just looking for job postings; but with LMI, you are looking for opportunities.
  • For a video definition of LMI, go to: Service Canada: Labour Market Information

I already know what kind of job I want. Why do I need labour market information?

  • You know what kind of job you want but you may not know who is hiring. You may also not realize other industries that are growing and could use your skills and experience. Labour market information helps you to see more possibilities and expand your job search to increase your chances for success.
  • Go to our Who’s Hiring section of the website to learn about using different LMI strategies.
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Where are all the jobs in Peel Halton?

  • Jobs can be found in most industries, cities, and towns in and around Peel Halton; however, they are not always advertised. This is why using labour market strategies for your job search are so important. If you only look for jobs that are advertised, the competition is tough!
  • Go to our Who’s Hiring section of the website to learn about each strategy.
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How can LMI help me decide on a career?

  • Labour Market Information (LMI) means researching all about an occupation and industry for the city/town where you want to work; and the more you research, the better your chance for making a good decision about a career and your suitability. LMI includes:

    • Educational requirements for an occupation;
    • Job descriptions
    • Salary rates
    • Demand for an occupation or within an industry
    • Employment trends
    • Lists of companies, industries; and
    • Key industries, unemployment rate, etc. of a city/town
  • Review the resources in our Employment Trends section of the website and About Peel Halton.

I’m a young person not really interested in all of this stuff! How can I get help?

  • If you just want a temporary or part-time job while you go to school, sign up to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn so you never miss any information we find about job opportunities or programs for youth.
  • If you have graduated and are ready to start your career, then you are a part of the labour market and age doesn’t matter. It’s important for you to use a variety of strategies to find your first job otherwise the competition with experienced candidates will be too great.
  • Find an organization that help youth for free in our Job Search Services section of the website.
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