It’s important to understand what’s happening in the local economy when it comes to job search and deciding on where to live and work. While it might be interesting to know what the unemployment rate is for Canada, that won’t really help the person living in Milton, Ontario! Below is a list of resources for you to find out about the local economy in Peel Halton.

NOTE: Statistics are usually compiled by Statistics Canada and they do not provide information at a very local level. Peel Halton is grouped with Toronto; this grouping is known as a “CMA” (Census Metropolitan Area). To learn more about the Toronto CMA (which includes Peel Halton), click here.

Peel unemployment rate for Q4 2017: 5.7% (Source: Peel Data Centre)
Halton unemployment rate for Q1 2016: 4.1% (Source: Halton Economic Indicators)

Finding Data about the Local Economy

Peel Dashboard of Economic Indicators
Key statistics about Peel’s economy using various “indicators” such as real estate, bankruptcy, employment insurance claims, etc.

Peel Data Centre
A variety of data and economic reports about Peel region.

Halton Statistics for Economic Development
Lists of employers, population, economic activity, housing, population and much more.

Halton Economic Development Quarterly Reports
Quarterly reports that highlights business investment and economic activity in Halton.

Halton Economic Indicators
Key statistics about Halton’s economy using various “indicators” such as real estate, bankruptcy, employment insurance claims, etc.

Brampton Business Information & “Monitoring the Economy”
Key statistics about Brampton’s economy using various indicators such as real estate, bankruptcy, employment insurance claims, etc.

Mississauga Data
Urban planning related reports, newsletters, brochures and statistical data including: population, demographics, census, growth forecasts, housing, employment, office, land use, etc.

Profiles Mississauga
A variety of resources including economic indicators that will give you a comprehensive overview of Mississauga.

Peel Halton Economic Development Offices
Newsletters and information compiled by each city’s/town’s own economic development offices about new businesses and growth.

Nearby Peel Halton

Hamilton Quarterly Economic Indicators

Toronto Economic Indicators
A monthly publication providing a snapshot of the regional economy, and includes data on employment, unemployment, real estate activity, social indicators, financial indicators, and others.

Ontario Economy

Labour Market Conditions | Labour Market Bulletins | The Daily RBC

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